As we mentioned in one of our previous blog posts, cleaning is one of the most important aspects of the guest’s stay and it can directly affect our reviews.

You should keep a cleanliness of your apartment on high level at all times and in case you choose not to do this task yourself, you should definitely be careful when selecting a cleaner or cleaning company to do it for you.

Make sure that the cleaner knows what your standards are and that you provide them with an easy to follow checklist.

What your cleaner should not miss when cleaning your holiday home after your guests have checked out?

Everything is in the detail and a lack of paying attention can create bigger or smaller inconveniences during the guest’s stay. Continue reading to find out what these details are, in order to avoid possible negative reviews from your guests 😉

  1. Make sure that the following items (obvious but not so…) are checked at every cleaning session:
  • Oven & microwave
  • Kitchen hob
  • Kettle, toaster and coffee machines (water should never be left in, coffee pots neither)
  • Fridge and freezer (nothing should be left there except perhaps ice)
  • Bedroom drawers, wardrobes and under the beds (to make sure nothing has been left)

Don’t let forgotten socks under the bed or half finished roasted chicken in the oven to surprise your new guests!

  1. Washing more than just linen and towels?
  • Decorative cushion covers on bed and sofa should also be washed. This can be done on every second visit or when visibly stained
  • Any rugs as well as curtains should be washed from time to time too
  • Kitchen cloth (make sure there is clean kitchen cloth waiting for every new guest)

Not many things can make you feel like the apartment is dirty as seeing weird stains on cushions or other items mentioned above.

  1. Linen and towels tips
  • Although your linen is fresh and clean, always double check for hairs!
  • To make your linen looks better you can iron them once they are already on the bed to keep it extra nice and straight

Most of guests freak out when they notice a different coloured hair than their own. It could make them think you have not changed the linen, unfortunately simple and truthful explanation that it most likely belong to the cleaner who has changed the bed will rarely goes well and will be accepted. Always double check for hair!!!

  1. Toilet origami?
  • Toilet origami is an easy way to add a bit ‘extra’ to the bathroom cleaning. You can check some easy ways on internet. It takes just a few seconds to fold it but it will definitely leave a positive feel on your guests
  • Double check for hairs. Especially in shower and sink drainage. Also keep product for blocked drainage in your home.

Remember, although your apartment isn’t a hotel your guests usually expect the hotel quality standards so do not let them down.

We at Hosting Auténtico overlook cleaning standards and ensure that each cleaner meets our expectation before the next guests arrival. In case you find this task energy draining we get you covered. Visit our Services page for more information or get in touch with us directly. Our contact details can be found in our Contact page.