Your House Manual for guests

Your home has many appliances and accessories, and each of them come with their own instruction manuals and features. It is hard to predict if one of your guests will want to adjust the heating or cook a meal, so you should provide clear but brief instructions on how everything works.

Your guests obviously do not want to spend their time trying to figure out how to switch on the Air Conditioning or calling you to ask you about the WiFi password.

As a host one of your goals should be to help your guests adapt to their new environment as quickly as possible so they can fully enjoy the stay.

So, let´s get to it.  Let´s unravel the 5 points that any House Manual should include:

  1. Cover photo and initial greeting

A nice photo of an area of your apartment along with a personalized welcoming message will make an excellent cover and create a good impression on the guest.

  1. Emergency contact number, important numbers & address

 In this section you will have to add a full address of the apartment.

The emergency phone number is the first thing guests will need in case of an incident, such as loss of keys. This number should always be operational if you do not want to receive complaints or negative reviews in the future.

We also recommend listing public services phone numbers such as police, fire department, nearest hospital,…

All the above information may not seem interesting, but they contribute a lot to the general stay of your guests.

  1. WIFI

Name of the WIFI network and its correct password. !!!Important!!!

  1. Apartment rules & Manuals for apartment’s appliances

In this section you will have to list the operation of the electrical appliances as well as House rules as the hours in which reduced noise is requested (for example the time of the siesta), smoking areas (if any), departure time (check-out), behaviour rules such as non-acceptance of parties, as well as any other home rules or security information that you deem necessary.

Maybe all this sounds quite obvious to you, but we believe that if you host people of different cultures some things may not be as obvious or clear to them as it is to you. In the end of the day they want to relax during their holidays, so make sure you have everything covered.

  1. Personal recommendations about the area

In this section you can provide all the touristic information you want about the area where the property is located. Personal information about must-go places, where to eat, places to go for walk, places for relaxing, etc. come as a nice touch.

Hosting Autentico recommends you to be creative and provide personal advice. Your guests will value and appreciate your personal tips as it will improve their whole experience whilst you will increase the number of positive reviews obtained.

And with that we would like to end our article about 5 important points to include in your Manual for guests. If you believe that the preparation of a house manual is time-consuming but still important for improving the profitability of your holiday accommodation, you can contact the Hosting Auténtico team. We have experience in managing holiday homes in Alicante and surroundings. Have a look at our Full Property Management service, which will free you from this and other tasks and provide you with great returns 😉